Occupation is not a Solution / by Sophie Schor


Since moving here to Jerusalem last June. I've met many different people, had many eye opening conversations, and have been both disillusioned by politics and inspired by people. 

In June, I will be joining over 50 other people (mainly Diaspora Jews and other internationals) with All That's Left: Anti-Occupation Collective to go to the South Hebron Hills to help build a road in solidarity with the Palestinian communities living there. These communities live in Area C and are officially unrecognized by the Israeli government. This means that the villages do not have access to general utilities such as water or electricity. Furthermore, even though these families have lived on their lands for many generations, there is a constant threat that their homes will be demolished. There is currently a standing order to demolish the village of Susiya. This has happened many times before and is part of a policy of the Israeli government to condense Palestinians living on land that is in Area C (Israeli sovereignty) to cities such as Yatta. The Palestinians living in the South Hebron Hills have also faced a lot of settler violence from the nearby communities. For more information on the Israeli policies in Area C, see here.

I visited the South Hebron Hills and the village of Susiya in March. I was most struck by these experiences as I saw that this is an unsustainable existence. Occupation is not a solution.

We have been invited by these communities, in cooperation with several other organizations in Israel/Palestine such as Ta'ayush and the Center for Jewish Nonviolence, to engage in an act of non-violent resistance and help them to build a road. This road will connect communities in the Firing Zone 918 to more infrastructure with the hopes of easing access to hospitals and other villages.

Here's where you come in. We are crowd-sourcing the money that we need to fund this endeavor. We only need to raise $1,500 and any small contribution can make a huge impact. Please consider donating and helping us reach our goal. You can find the link to donate here.

Or if you or anyone you know is in the region June 12-13, join us!